Spontaleza (SPONT) is the first project based on Blockchain and NFT technology that revolutionizes the value of Young Sports Talent and creates sustainability for their growth and the support of their families.


They gain economic benefits by purchasing, using and trading Game Card collections linked to talent image rights.


Generates cash flow and recurring profits through user operations and third-party agreements.


The value generated is redistributed to investors in proportion to the tokens purchased and with corporate logic of participation.

Exclusive Sale (Founder Club)


$ 843,750


1st August 2022 @ 13:00 CET


31st December 2022 @ 13:00 CET

Minimum transaction amount

$ 10,000

Maximum transaction amount

$ 100,000

Round 1

Hardcap* $ 2,756,250
Tokens on sale 15,750,000
Start  1st August 2023 @ 12:00 CET
End Till the end of tokens available in Round 1
Bonus 30%
Token Price $ 0.175
Minimum transaction amount $ 70
Maximum transaction amount $ 10,000

Round 2

Hardcap* $ 1,800,000
Tokens on sale 9,000,000
Start At the end of Round 1
End Till the end of tokens available in Round 2
Bonus 20%
Token Price $ 0.2
Minimum transaction amount $ 70.00
Maximum transaction amount Unlimited

Round 3

Hardcap* $ 1,518,750
Tokens on sale 6,750,000
Start At the end of Round 2
End Till the end of tokens available in Round 1
Bonus 10%
Token Price $ 0.225 
Minimum transaction amount $ 70.00 
Maximum transaction amount Unlimited

Public Sale

Public Sale and / or IEO will be soon announced.

We Generate Proft with NFT and Image Rights

The young talents of today are the future champions of tomorrow. Their potential value is there for all to see.

We create, for each talent, exclusive NFT (Non Fungible Tokens) collections, which incorporate benefits from the image rights of the represented subjects: as the notoriety of the young talents increases, the value of the NFTs increases, with staggering growth potential.

We thus make the benefit of exploiting the image rights of future champions, until now the exclusive privilege of large corporations, available to all.

  • Connectivity across payments networks
  • Instant, on-demand settlement
  • Low operational and liquidity costs

We Converge Gaming, Metaverse and Blockchain

The digital ecosystem created by the platform combines BLOCKCHAIN technology, METAVERSE and NFTs ASSETS into the dynamics of sports e-GAMING to support and multiply the value of NFTs.

Online Gaming is already a billion-dollar, growing industry; NFTs are poised to become a promising, tangible asset.

The native integration of the Metaverse is the prerequisite for return-on-investment scenarios hitherto inaccessible to traditional business models.

Token Allocation

How SPONT will be allocated
  • Token NameSpontaleza Token
  • Token SymbolSPONT
  • Total Supply4,500,000,000 SPONT
  • Smart Contract0xA13409fdcCB4969D7135d059A86f2B7b78637790
  • Token Price1 SPONT = $ 0.25
  • Decimals18
  • Market Cap$ 1,125,000,000
  • ClassUtility Token
  • Soft Cap Private Sale843,750 $
  • Token reserved for private sale13,500,000 SPONT

Token Distribution

The initial issue of Spontal Tokens will be carried out in the following order

Executive team

Luca Gambillara

Andrea Ochs

Database Analyst

Paolo Masoero

Blockchain expert | SBCG

Andrea Brambilla

Graphics & Metaverse


the process of our token sale program


Q2 2022


Q3 2022


Q4 2022


Q1 2023


Q2-Q3 2023


Q4 2023


Q2 2024
Q2 2022


Market research | Idea analysis and development and project strategic development | Administrative consulting | Legal consulting | Identifying technology partners

Q3 2022


Design technical specifications | Technology concept development | Blockchain identification | Tokenomics development | Pre-concept e-game and main layout development | Data-base creation | Legal rights definition | Founder Pre-SALE

Q4 2022


Beginning Attorney and Sports Club Agreements | Talent Data Base Generation | NFT Pre-minting | E-game Development | Token Creation | Smart Contract | Marketplace Development | Private Pre-sale Round 1 & 2

Q1 2023


Completing Data-base | Beta testing Talent section | Beta testing Marketplace | Creating Wallets | Media content | Brand Awareness | Pre-sale NFT | Smart Contract optimization | Security procedures audit

Q2-Q3 2023


Official Marketplace release | Beta e-game release | Sponsors platform implementation | VR integration development | International community expansion | Start due diligence for Listing on Exchange

Q4 2023


Implementing VR and Metaverse scenarios | Defining Metaverse graphics routines and integration with blockchain | Completing due diligence for Listing | Opening local platform business on EU countries

Q2 2024


Release e-Game V1.0 | Release Metaverse scenarios | Redefining rewards distribution for Founder and additional bonuses | Requesting new Financial Legal Audit for platform consolidation | Launching platform non-EU jurisdictions


Thanks to our partners who made it happen

Contact Us

info [at] spontaleza.com